Credit Risk Solutions

Our credit risk solutions are a subsegment of risk management services and involve the following:

  • Setting up or reassessing credit procedures in place
  • Development of process flows
  • Drafting of credit risk guidelines
  • Reviewing or defining credit risk allocation/credit vetting process
  • Credit risk analytics (credit risk barometer, portfolio analysis, credit risk mapping, etc)
  • Integrating the use of BI reports in the CRM framework
  • Fully-integrated CRM system including credit scoring model and automated approval process (specialised product)

  • Setting up of credit risk committees
  • Development of risk awareness culture
  • Designing of risk architecture
  • Formulation of credit risk strategy map
  • Setting up or improvement of internal control
  • Improving or debt collection and recovery procedures
  • Advising on the use of risk mitigation products like credit insurance

  • Use of credit risk dashboard for monitoring
  • Make full use of BI reports to monitor evolution in credit risk of portfolio
  • Integrate portfolio monitoring approach to minimise provisioning and bad debts
  • Setting up of debtors monitoring committees
  • Development of reporting structure

These solutions have various levels namely:

  • Level 1: Current situation assessment and situation and situational report
  • Level 2: Review and recommendations
  • Level 3: Implementation

Credit Risk Solutions

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