About Us

Strategic Insight was launched in 2015 by a group of experienced and respected professionals to provide a wide array of value-added financial advisory services to its clients in various areas including risk management, credit risk, strategic management, training amongst others.

In addition, the company offers directly and through their international partners several innovative and unique products to its customers namely:

  • Credit reports on companies
  • Specialised product development including credit risk scoring models, financial models, credit insurance, trade finance, factoring and structured financing (involving credit rating)

Our Strengths

Our business model is very customer-centric, and we adhere to the following values:


Strategic Insight wants to change the way organizations look at risk management.

For years, boards, executives and stakeholders have viewed Risk Management as an over-complicated, over-hyped compliance process that doesn't help their organizations get ahead. However, industry-leading organizations, consulting firms and growth-oriented business leaders have begun to acknowledge an alternative perspective on Risk Management. When done properly, Risk Management drives strategic value, competitive advantage and business growth.

At Strategic Insight, we help our customers win in their businesses by making risk management valuable. We listen, innovate and provide the most amazing Risk Management solutions that give our customers tools to expand their risk taking ability, uncover new opportunities and out-manoeuvre their competition. We build these solutions (parcelled with our other services) so our customers can focus on achieving their goals, beating their competition and leading their industries.

We continuously deliver value to our customers, employees and shareholders by providing the most proven, innovative Risk Management solutions available anywhere.


Business partner to accompany and optimise our clients' potential through tailor-made solutions and proficient advice.

Create a comprehensive approach to anticipate, identify, prioritize, manage and monitor the portfolio of business risks impacting our clients. Put in place the policies, common processes, competencies, accountabilities, reporting and enabling technology to execute that approach successfully.


Clients are at the heart of what we do. Our core values are intrinsically linked to them. They are very basic and yet very strong. These are:

  • Believing in our clients' potential
  • Knowing our customers
  • Understanding their business requirements
  • Providing the right solutions

Welcome to Strategic Insight. Your Success is our Goal.

We provide adaptive financial solutions for your business

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Believing in our clients is our strength. Unlocking your potential is our satisfaction..

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